Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for all your support this spring during these really challenging times!

It hasn't been easy for anyone and we are working very hard behind the scenes to help you get the plants and products you want this spring as easily and safely as possible.

Many of you have emailed of phoned in with lots of questions about the process for online ordering and scheduled pick up and delivery.  Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked...


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I want to place an order and pick it up at Ego’s, when can I do this? When are you open?

A. You can place your order online anytime.  When you check out you will be given a list of dates and time windows to select for pick-up. Each window is 15 minutes long and you are expected to show up in the time you select.

Have your order number ready when you arrive and one of our staff will bring the cart to your car OR if it is a larger or bulky order (e.g. mulch, soils, etc) it may be set out for you at one of our designated loading areas and you will be directed to it.


Q. What if I just need a couple of things I missed on my first order?

A. Right now there’s no way to open up an existing order and add on to it. We’re working on it but it’s not possible now. You can add a second order and ask for the same time slot (as long as it is still available) and reference the first order number in the notes.  We will do our best to arrange them together for pick up.


Q. I just went on your site but the item I’m looking for isn’t on here, can I still buy it?

A. We’re working as fast as possible to load as many items online as we can, but we have thousands of items to upload. Chances are our team is working to add that item to our Online Store. For some items, they might not be in stock yet. If/when they become available, they will be added!


Q. I really need my order today, can I pick-up my order the same day?

A.  At check out you’ll see our pick-up windows for the next 3 days, depending on how many orders we have, you might find one that works great for you. If we’re experiencing high order volume the pick-up dates/times might be limited.



Q. I would like to schedule an order for a few weeks from now, can I do that?

A.  Sorry, to best manage our inventory and ensure that flowers and plants are at peak freshness we currently can only accept orders for delivery/pick-up a maximum of 3 days ahead.


Q. I know what I want to plant in my garden already, can I pre-order everything from you now?

A. We are no longer able to take any pre-orders. We just don’t have the space to pull them and keep them!  We can only process orders for the next 3 days currently.


Q. I want to place an order for a plant/product I know Ego’s usually has or grows, but it’s not online. What do I do?

A.  We’re working as hard as we can to organize our thousands of plants and hundreds of other products so we can bring them to our online store. When plants are in stock and ready to go we’ll add them to the site!



Q. I just placed an order but I forgot to add something my order, can I add on to it somehow?

A. Once an order is in, it’s in. You are welcome to make a new order but we’re unable to add on products to the same order. If you do place a second (or third) order you’ll need to pick a new pick-up window and it might not be at the same time or even the same day as your first.

The best we can do is you can include in the Notes at check out that you just placed another order or have another order in already and reference that Number. We’ll do our best to try and pull them together. 



Q. I placed an order for delivery and chose the delivery day, when will it come?  

A.  We will give you a call the morning of your scheduled delivery as soon as we have established the route for the day to give you an approximate time.  

Our driver will unload your order to the side of your driveway or other accessible location by truck.



Q. Can I use my Ego’s gift card to pay for my Online Purchase?

A. Not yet. We’re working on this but our Online Store and in-store Point of Sale system that our gift card balances are stored in don’t ‘talk’ to each other. Gift cards will still be honoured in-store when we re-open. For now, they won’t work for online check-out.   If you have a list of what items you would like from our online store you can email us the list and reference your gift certificate number for redemption and we’ll arrange to get your order in.  You will then be added into our pick up schedule with in the next 3 days.


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